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Roxy & Co. strongly believes in and supports animal adoption.
Roxy's mission is to use this platform to raise awareness and funds for dogs in rescues nationwide. Through our "10% to Rescue" program Roxy & Co. will donate 10% of every purchase to no-kill animal rescues who rely on private donations from their small communities of supporters. These will be rescues who work tirelessly throughout the United States to save dogs from death row and unimaginable situations every single day.





Bay Beagle is Roxy & Co.'s "10% to Rescue" beneficiary for February to May of 2020.

Bay Beagle is based out of Virginia Beach, VA and is dedicated to saving beagles (and other breeds) in need. We have personally worked with Bay Beagle as a foster home and transporter and believe in their work 100%! We have seen first hand what they are doing in the rescue world for homeless dogs along the east coast. Buddy (pictured below) was one of Roxy's fosters through Bay Beagle and although we only had him for a short time, he touched us more than some others have. A few years after transporting Buddy to his amazing hospice foster family, he passed away peacefully the best way he could- among lots of his beagle brothers and sisters. When it was time to name our first collection of collars, we knew Buddy's name needed to be included. So if you've ever wondered who the "Buddy Stripe" is named after here is the one-and-only! Thank you Bay Beagle for ALL that you do!



For the months of December 2019 and January 2020, Roxy & Co. teamed up with Catering to Cats and Dogs out of Concord, North Carolina. 10% of every order during the Holiday months was donated directly

to the rescue to be used for various expenses including one of their biggest expense of veterinary care. There are many reasons to love this rescue, but one of our favorite things about C2CND is that they take in the sick, hurt, and unwanted without any hesitation. Run by a group of dedicated volunteers, this rescue is a making a difference in the lives of many including Roxy's very own siblings Spanky the low-rider corgi/bulldog mix & Norman the basset hound.